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About Us


Thank you for giving me the chance to present MULTI LINK AGRO FOODSTUFFING TRADE LLC, one of the top Middle Eastern importers.

For more than ten years, MULTI LINK AGRO FOODSTUFFING TRADE LLC, has been a reputable trade firm. We have commercial relationships with several nations throughout the world. By guaranteeing 100 percent quality in our products, packaging, supply, sales, cold storage facilities, etc., we keep all of our suppliers and clients happy and in good standing. We give our cherished clients flexible end-to-end services while ensuring their complete happiness in terms of quality, quantity, and service. We gained the confidence of several international suppliers and were hired as the only representative for this trading company. We are primarily concentrating on sourcing fresh produce from five

Fresh eggs (imported from Poland, the USA, Ukraine, Turkey, etc.) and frozen goods including frozen chicken, fish, mixed vegetables, mutton, desiccated coconut, and poultry products were some of our other company specialties. In addition, I’d like to offer the section of foodstuffs, which contains items like rice, rice powder, wheat, wheat powder, different kinds of dry beans, sugar, cooking oil, spices, spice powders, pickles, etc. At the moment, our main imports are rice, nuts, pickles, and other food items. The foremost distributor of high-quality fresh produce for all types of fruits and vegetables is MULTI LINK AGRO FOODSTUFFING TRADE LLC. Wholesalers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, and restaurants from the Middle East and the GCC nations make up our supply division’s clientele.

Food Security

It helps mitigate food shortages in regions affected by crop failures or unfavorable growing conditions

Dietary Diversity

Foodstuffing trade allows people to access a wider range of foods, promoting dietary diversity

Economic Growth

The trade in food products contributes to economic growth by creating jobs, supporting farmers